Don’t put your property dreams on hold…

When taking a loan, whether it be for buying your first home, re-financing, investing or downsizing, there is always so much to consider. The task of sifting through a huge market of possible vendors to find the most competitive loan that suits your personal needs can be an-overwhelming and time-consuming process. That’s why it is important to use an industry expert, to support you in finding your most suitable loan.

Flexi-financials are a team of industry experts with over 10 years of experience, dedicated to providing a consumer driven experience, tailored to meet each customer’s needs and wants. Shaju Chonedath, the Director has more than 10 years lending expressing which includes Wholesale Funding, Investment Banking, Equipment Financing and Residential Lending. We are a team of financial advisors that are committed to training and providing the most up to date tools to cater for the client. Our advisors are accredited with most lenders to offer you the best effective loan solution. We are a team of dedicated financial professionals that work together, to ensure totally personalised, free, convenient and trustworthy experience for considering seeking loans.

Our team examines and analyses your current financial situation to research the most suitable loans available on the market. Clients are then presented with the options, with the whole experience based on your preferences. Once the preferred loan and vendors have been chosen, the broker will liaise with the bank and you, in order to support you throughout the process, ensuring total convince to the consumer. Upon settlement, the team will check for feedback and ensure the service provided was of high quality. We are also available to answer any enquires during the entire process.

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